Where the disc golf journey began

Evelyn’s disc golf journey began when she was just six years old.  A new course was installed at our local park and her older brother and Dad had begun playing.  It was a great opportunity for father and son bonding time. Evelyn enjoyed having a throw too.  We purchased a few super light discs for her and she had fun throwing them in her unique style.  At first she could only make them fly about 5-10 metres but it wasn’t long before she was ripping those discs and like the rest of the family, became hooked on disc golf.

Practice, practice, Practice. Evelyn driving, approaching and putting.

It is not easy for a six year old to cover an 18 hole course and we don’t have a junior league here in Melbourne, so Evelyn was told by our local Disc Golf Club to keep practicing and they would allow her to compete in league days when she turned eight.  Her persistence paid off and when she was just seven and a half, after lots of sad puppy faces and begging, Evelyn was given the go-ahead to play league days.  She paid her membership and received her players kit which included the XXS Melbourne Disc Golf shirt.  This was the smallest shirt they had and even now, four years later, she is still growing into it.

Evelyn practicing her putting
Evelyn practicing her putting. Practice makes perfect!

Disc Golf is a fun sport for all ages.  If you would like to give it a try, contact your local Disc Golf Club.  Melbourne Disc Golf Club meets every month and players of all ages and abilities are welcome.\


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