Developing Style and Technique

It takes time to develop a disc golfing style and even more so for a child who is constantly growing and strengthening.  Being a novice myself, I have been little help.  We watched a lot of YouTube videos in the early days but they mostly suit the throwing styles of grown men, not women or children.  Evelyn’s throwing style has evolved a great deal over the years and with a little coaching and lots of practice, she has developed an efficient backhand throwing style to suit her physique which has even been compared to pro women’s player and world record distance thrower, Jennifer Allen.  Evelyn can now can now throw over 60 metres (about 200 feet).  Not bad for a ten year old.

It is interesting comparing videos taken just one year apart.  In the following video, it is clear to see how maturity and physical development has improved Evelyn’s game.  She is much more composed and maintains better balance.  She takes her time to focus on the drive and pulls right back before propelling herself forward to snap then follow through.  She no longer has that ‘straight arm’ style but instead pulls the disc closer to her chest.  Interestingly, she is throwing a very similar distance and path.  Both drives delivered an easy birdie on the par 3, hole 1 at Ruffey Lake Park for Evelyn.







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