Like our Disc Golf Car decals?

We have begun fundraising for Evelyn’s trip to the US for 2018 Junior Worlds Disc Golf Championships in July.  Funds raised will help to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Evelyn has been baking and selling yummy treats at our disc golf league days and our generous members have been enjoying her sweet treats.  The brownies have been a real hit!

Today we received our order of Car decals.  Evelyn and her Mum, Carol designed these car decals and had them custom-made.  We will be selling them online and also to local disc golf fans.  The little girl decal is, of course, Evelyn, throwing a very long putt with her signature ballerina-style pose.

Evelyn's Disc Golf Adventures Car Decals
Evelyn’s Disc Golf Adventures Car Decals

If you would like to buy one (or more) of our vinyl decals for your car, you will not only will be helping to fund Evelyn’s disc golf adventure in the US, you will also be helping to raise awareness of this wonderful sport.

Evelyn's Disc Golf Adventures Basket car decal
Evelyn’s Disc Golf Adventures basket car decal


Evelyn's Disc Golf Adventures car decal
Evelyn’s Disc Golf Adventures car decal

You have the option of purchasing our decals separately for AU$7.50 each or as a set for AU$12.50.  Postage within Australia is just $2.00 in a standard C5 envelope.  We think they look great and hope that you will too.

Buy Basket Decal

Buy set of two decals (including ‘flight lines)

Contact for Evelyn decal



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