PDGA Junior World 2018 wrap-up

Wow!  What an amazing couple of weeks it has been.  The 2018 PDGA Junior World Disc Golf Championships has come to an end and we are now back home in Australia.  Evelyn came home with a 1st in the Divisional Doubles with her partner Virginia Polkinghorne from Missouri and fourth place in the FJ12 division.  We are very proud of her.

2018 PDGA FJ12 Doubles Worlds Champions, Virginia Polkinghorne and Evelyn Heath

The juniors had to battle very hot, humid and sometimes windy conditions and a grueling schedule. There was plenty of sweat and the occasional tears but Evelyn played well above her rating, missing out on third place by just two shots!

Evelyn with her 2018 PDGA, Junior World Championships, FJ12 4th place trophy
Top four, ready to tee off at Emporia County Club for the final 9. With Jeremy Rusco

We would like to thank Dynamic Discs, the City of Emporia and the PDGA for hosting such an amazing event.  Junior Worlds for us was about much more than just playing disc golf.  It was about making amazing friends, experiencing a different culture, meeting disc golf idols and people from all over the world and most importantly, having fun!

A big thank you to Eagle Wings Disc Golf.  Your support of junior disc golf is nothing short of amazing!  As a 2018 Eagle Wings Junior Grant Winner, Evelyn was even lucky enough to have Eagle Wings staff caddy for her and follow her for support during some of her rounds. She was treated like a touring pro!  Winning one of the junior grants may have been the deciding factor which took us on this journey, but it is the friendships we have made and the support provided to us that we will hold most dear.

Evelyn with Lynn, Hannah and Dustin from Eagle Wings Disc Golf

We would also like to thank all of those who supported us on this adventure. We would not have made it to the US without the financial support of our family, friends and the Australian Disc Golf Community.  Your encouraging words, your videos and your messages of support were so amazing.

We had such a wonderful time in the US.  We came home with hundreds of photos and videos (although very few of Evelyn putting because she is a little superstitious and doesn’t like me filming her putts.) It was difficult to choose the best highlights but we have put together the following video to share with you some of those special moments.  Moments like carrying the Australian Flag into the Granada theatre, meeting disc golf idols, playing disc golf with kids from all over the globe, teeing off on hole one at Emporia Country Club with the fanfare given to Professional Disc Golfers, being interviewed by media and just having fun.

Evelyn is already planning a return to Emporia for the 2019 or 2020 Junior Worlds.  There is no stopping her now!


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