2018 Inverleigh Disc Golf Open

Evelyn had been looking forward to this tournament with a little trepidation.  She was keen to be competing in another tournament but a little anxious because of the length and difficulty of the Inverleigh course.  The course, built on the Inverleigh Golf Course near Geelong in Victoria has two par 5 holes and six par 4 holes covering a total of 2906 metres.  The longest hole being 333 metres! (1092.52feet)

Most players found the course challenging this weekend.  In fact, only two MPO players shot an under par round all weekend.

2018 Inverleigh Disc Golf Open statistics.

We played three rounds over two days.  Evelyn was the only junior who chose to compete at Inverleigh this year but she didn’t let that dampen her spirits.  Instead, she set herself the goal of scoring better than her Mum and others in the Novice women’s division.  She played very well shooting well above her rating during all rounds, achieving her first 700+ round rating in an Australian tournament.

Her driving distance and her putting have both improved considerably since Junior Worlds and she kept focused on her game despite fatigue, the wind on day two and the spiky acacia bushes that many fell victim to.

Evelyn finished round one, two shots behind her Mum.  Determined to better her first round score, she shot 11 better than her Mum during the second round.

The wind picked up a little on day two but Evelyn still impressed, especially on the long fairways of the par five holes.  She didn’t shoot as well as her second round but still ended up with a score which would have seen her come second in the Women’s Novice Division.  Better still, she ended the tournament 26 shots better than her Mum.  That makes Mum, officially the weakest player in the Heath Family and Dad has been put on notice.

Congratulations Evelyn.  We are all so proud of you.   Our next tournament is not until the end of October in Newcastle, NSW so that gives us plenty of time to practice and to improve even more.


Carol and Evelyn at the 2018 Inverleigh Disc Golf Open
Carol and Evelyn at the 2018 Inverleigh Disc Golf Open
Evelyn with her trophy at the 2018 Inverleigh Disc Golf Open

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